Trending September 2023 # What Is Tomcat Timeout With Configure Session? # Suggested October 2023 # Top 15 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # What Is Tomcat Timeout With Configure Session? # Suggested October 2023 # Top 15 Popular

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Introduction to tomcat timeout

When there are long idle sessions where nothing is happening, the tomcat webserver raises the session timeout after a certain period, leading to the closing of the session waiting time. The configuration of this timeout parameter is specified in the chúng tôi file present inside the tomcat installation home path. We can change the value by changing the attribute’s value in chúng tôi One of the tricky things is to find the reason behind the timeout error, which we will try to understand in this session.

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In this article, we will individually discuss the things of tomcat timeout and timeout error.

What is tomcat timeout?

Tomcat timeout is the configuration setting specified in chúng tôi which helps determine the maximum time the server should wait in a particular idle session with none of the process happening inside it. It is always a good practice to close this session for the benefits of maintaining security over the session and also the management of memory. After this idle time, the tomcat webserver raises a session timeout error, and the person is navigated out of the session.

tomcat timeout configure session

The configuration of the session timeout attribute can be found in the chúng tôi file of the tomcat server. This file can be located inside the home directory of tomcat installation and the conf folder. Usually, in windows, the file is present in the C drive’s Program Files/ Apache Software Foundation/ Tomcat (version installed)/ conf folder. In the Linux platform, the file can be found inside the /opt/ tomcat (version installed), inside which you will find the conf folder inside which the chúng tôi file will be there.

tomcat timeout configures session error

Usually, when our application takes a long time to retrieve the response and the browser does get the response from the webserver in a stipulated time of the session time out, then an error named session timeout is thrown on the user’s side, and the user is navigated back to the login page as can be seen from the below screenshot –

Usually, when your request to bring certain data or perform certain manipulation may take a long time due to huge data or improper management in coding the feature, the best solution is to increase the session timeout value set in the tomcat configurations. Hence, avoiding the session timeout error when your feature will take a long time to become successful can be done by manipulating the session timeout value of the tomcat web server’s configurations.

Changing the existing or default value of session timeout is easy and can be understood from the below point.

We change the session timeout value.

It is always suggested to take the backup of the existing chúng tôi file before you make any changes to it. This is just in case the configurations you set or modify in the file do not work out as expected; then, you can revert the file to the previously provided if you have a backup.

We can also set the unlimited timeout configuration for the session or mean no timeout of sessions in tomcat by changing the value mentioned in the session-timeout element of chúng tôi to -1. Though doing so is not suggested, your session details may then get accessible by the attacker, which will lead to leakage of information about your credentials and related applications. Hence, for security reasons, never set the value to unlimited timeout.

tomcat timeout examples

Let us first understand the need to change the timeout value of tomcat using an example. If the specified timeout value is over, the session is closed, and the user is again brought back to the login page to initiate a new session, as shown in the below screen –

First, open the chúng tôi file and search for the session-timeout element. It looks by default as shown here –

If I know that my request will take 45 minutes to serve. With a safer value considering the worst-case scenarios of the network, let’s set the value to 50 minutes inside the chúng tôi as shown below –

After doing so, my feature will work properly and perform the necessary task without exiting the session.


Tomcat timeout or session timeout is the value for which a particular session on the browser side waits until it gets the response from the server. We can manipulate this value from configurations.

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