Trending September 2023 # Patchworks Itg Level Iphone 7 Plus Case (Reviewed) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 9 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Patchworks Itg Level Iphone 7 Plus Case (Reviewed) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 9 Popular

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The one case that mostly adorns my iPhone is slim. Given how delicate a thin case is, I remain somewhat concerned about the protection of my smartphone. While being on hunt for a case that can be minimalist enough to let the device showcase its class and strong enough to ward of impact and scratch, I stumbled upon Patchworks ITG Level case for iPhone 7 Plus.

The case showed plenty of promise during the brief interaction. Having used this robust case for almost a week and given it fair amount of run, I’m all set to present the review. Has it stood up my high level—from all aspects? Read on to know that.

1. Military-Grade Drop Protection

For me, the biggest highlight of this case is the ability to provide military-grade safeguard to your iPhone. Despite having such a solid profile, it’s comparatively less bulky than other military-grade suits for iPhone. Hence, your smartphone will continue to flaunt a minimal look; without compromising anything on protection from random shock

So, if your phone ever slips out of your hands or meets with an accidental fall, the cover won’t let it get hurt. You can fully trust this dashing suit to withstand impact and knock down scratch with élan.

While buying cases for my iPhone, there are two things I never fail to check out—protection and minimalist design. The ones that are high on offering more shield from drops generally look bulky and don’t quite play nice with the smartphone. And the ones that are svelte miserably fails to defend the phone from bumps and go out of the radar too early.

Indeed, making a balance between thinness and solidity is never easy. But, ITG Level has got it so right that you can’t help admiring its workmanship.

2. Dual-Layered Casing

ITG Level has been carved out of high-grade polycarbonate and TPU material. The dual-layered casing has got the looks to settle nicely on your smartphone. Soft interior prevents scratch from harming the charm of your device.

The shock absorbing air pocket design adds more muscle into its armoury. Precise cut-outs for camera, ports and speakers enhance its form factor. The raised bezel for camera and screen further shields your device from accidental damage.

3. Matte Surface

Topped by matte surface, the case has a pleasing appearance that appeals to the eyes. The glossy exterior is quite smooth to the touch. With the snap-on design, the case ideally fits the phablet.

4. Improved Grip

Another important aspect of this case is the much-improved grip that it provides. Thanks to the micro-etched textures, it feels incredibly comfortable in hands. The smooth surface fits all the contours of the palm; providing the desired convenience to carry the smartphone.

Being very lightweight, the case allows the device to remain minimalist. It’s one of the key features of this case.

5. Available in Three Colors

ITG Level comes in three color variants—red, black and white. So, if you like to pair up your smartphone with the dark color, you have the option to do that as well.


Military-drop protection

Matte surface

Enhanced grip

Shock-absorbent air pocket

High-quality PC and TPU material

Compact design


It’s really hard to find cons in such a good case. But these are some of the things that can be pointed out:

The Verdict

Patchworks ITG Level is an absolute beast as far as quality is concerned. It has lived up to my expectation adorably from all the aspects. From looking stylish to offering essential shield from falls, the case has packed in with all the qualities you would want from a slim case. It’s the ideal blend of protection and sophistication.

Currently, the case comes at just $14.95 which makes it a smart buy. Any day, I can happily pay around $20 for it. What about you?

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