Trending October 2023 # Parameters &Amp; Benefits Of Mobile Seo # Suggested November 2023 # Top 12 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # Parameters &Amp; Benefits Of Mobile Seo # Suggested November 2023 # Top 12 Popular

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Introduction to Mobile SEO

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What is Mobile SEO?

Search Engine (SE) plays a big role in our day-to-day activities and does various things right, from locating hotels near us to finding a life partner. Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, AOL, chúng tôi Excite, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, Lycos, chúng tôi and Wolfram Alpha enjoy global popularity as widely used search engines. With the queries typed by the users in any format, SE scans through the WEB, fetches the website details pertinent to the query, and lists them in the order it ranks them.

Parameters Used by Search Engine

The Parameters used by SE in ranking the results for listing are:

1. On-Page Parameters

a. content

Relevance to the user’s needs and meaningful engagement with users.

Effectiveness and Quality.

Variety (Blog, Social media, E-Book, White papers, Audio/Video).

Text in simple sentences with no spelling & grammar mistakes.

Fresh and updated.


Title Tag.

Meta Description.


Internal links to other sites.

Image Name and ALT Tag.

c. Keywords and Phrases

2. Off-Page Parameters

Trust factors.



Bounce rate.

Personal – Country, City.

The business aims to use this high rank achieved by SEO to:

Increase the hit ratio of their site.

Provide good exposure online.

Build brand value in the online space.

Expand the customer base.

Increase sales and revenue.

How does it Work?

SEO is applicable for both desktop and mobile searches. Some think that techniques used in mobile and desktops are the same. In reality, optimizing websites to suit unique scenarios in mobile searches requires considering additional parameters.

Mobile websites often display less text than desktop versions due to the smaller screen size, resulting in a difference in user experience.

Depending on the mobile’s size, we should use a different screen that is user-friendly and does not require the user to zoom in to read the content.

The search operation on mobile needs does not necessarily start from the typed query in the search engine screen. The starting point can be gesture search, voice search, and any other search unique to mobile.

Search Keywords conveys different meaning at different times. The keywords should be used along with the context.

Mobile users always like scroll-free screens. This limits the screen’s size for content display; hence, the website optimizer should aim to get the top rank in the SE listings.

Mobile websites should adopt any of the following configurations to remain competitive in getting ranks of SE.

1. Responsive Design

HTML code remains the same irrespective of the device.

Managed through meta name in source code to adjust the display settings to match the screen size.

A single URL makes it easy to share content.

People can avoid common mistakes in formatting.

2. Dynamic Serving

Dynamically change the HTML and CSS per the user’s device through the HTTP header.

3. Separate URLs

Different URLs have different HTML codes as per the user’s device.

Mobile SE optimization is not only restricted to websites, but it is extended to Apps. Study shows that Apps are discovered and downloaded from App stores only in 40% of the cases, and 25% of the time, SE returns apps listed for users to download and consume.

Right Keywords.

Ratings and reviews by the users.

Backlinks that will talk well about apps.

SE chooses the apps per the user’s query and lists them in the ranked order using the above parameters. Apps should be optimized for the above key parameters and make themselves eligible for a better ranking by SE.

Benefits of Using Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO helps Businesses to:

Build a strong online presence.

Make it easier for online users to reach the site.

Provide overall good experience to users in navigating screens and completing the transaction.

Ensure the standard performance level.

Understand the competitor and market dynamics.


Many organizations have migrated to mobile-only environments in their strategy due to smartphones’ proliferation and the availability of simple-to-use mobile technologies. There will be hardly any desktop searches in the future. We should refresh mobile SEO techniques to reflect new technological developments, user engagements, and search behaviors.

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