Trending September 2023 # List Of Different Scala Ide With Brief Explanation # Suggested October 2023 # Top 10 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # List Of Different Scala Ide With Brief Explanation # Suggested October 2023 # Top 10 Popular

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Definition of Scala IDE

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List of Scala IDE with Explanation

We have a list of different IDEs available to edit our code. If we talk about Java, our most popular editor is Eclipse and IntelliJ. Below we can see the list of editors that we can use for the Scala language, which are as follows;

1. IntelliJ IDEA

Intellij idea is one of the most popular IDE we have. This editor provides support for many languages, which cover most of them like; java, typescript, groovy, Scala, SQL, Kotline, javascript, and many more. Inside this, we have so many build tools available that can be used to create our project based on the requirement. We have ANT, maven, and gradual support to make our applications. Using this, we can create a new project and import the existing project into the workspace, making the development easy. To start with the Intellij idea and how to use Scala with it, we will see some steps to follow, which are mentioned below;

First, we need to download the IntelliJ idea into our system. We can download IntelliJ Community Edition for better support for the language.

In the second step, we must check whether Java is installed on our machine. If not, we must install it because Scala uses Java libraries. To check whether Java is installed, we have one command for this; we should check for its version, javac -version. It would be best if you had Java 8 installed on your machine. If not, then we should install Java Jdk 8 or higher.

After setting up Java, we can open the IntelliJ idea and set the version of Java we want to use for the specific project.

Give the name of the project. Example: DemoScalaProject

Now start writing code for Scala. Go to the src folder and start writing your code. We can have one sample program to show it working. See below;

object Main extends App{ println("Welcome to Scala.!!") println("Setup done.") }

2. Eclipse for Scala

To start setting up a scale with Eclipse,, we have to download the Eclipse installer. Using an Eclipse installer, we can easily download the latest version of Eclipse.

After setting up, Eclipse, we must check for our Java version. If Java is unavailable on your machine, download the latest one. JDK 8 or higher.

Also, we have to download the Scala plugin from the Eclipse marketplace. Inside Eclipse,, search for the market and type Scala there. You will see various available plugins for Scala. Download one from the list.

Before creating the project, set up the SDK for Scala inside the settings menu.

After finishing, it will take around 3-4 seconds to load the project into the project explorer. Then you will see a project got created in your workspace by the name you have given.

Go to the src folder; here, you can create your packages and classes to start with your code.


object Main extends App{ println("Welcome to scala.!!") println("Setup done using eclipse.") }

From Eclipse, you can check out your code as well. We just have to select the correct version control for this.

3. NetBeans for Scala

After setting up this, we have to download the scala and setting up into the home variable.

Add the path of scale here with the name Scala_home

We have to add this path for the system variable.

After setting up the Scala home variable, we have to download the Scala plugin for Netbeans.

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