Trending September 2023 # How To Perform Ungroup Operation In Sketchup? # Suggested October 2023 # Top 14 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # How To Perform Ungroup Operation In Sketchup? # Suggested October 2023 # Top 14 Popular

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Introduction to SketchUp Ungroup

SketchUp Ungroup is a process through which you can ungroup grouped as well as the component object in this software. While working on a different project, many types for making the different types of editing and changes in our drawn object, we need to ungroup grouped objects so we should know the ungrouping object. It will also help us when we import any model from the online library, and we need only some part of the imported model; that time, we can ungroup undesired objects from the imported model. You can learn to ungroup very easily by following some steps. So let me tell you about it.

How to perform ungroup operation in SketchUp?

Performing ungrouping operations in this software is not a big deal; you have to understand how you can use it and where you need to perform it. First, I will tell you all about ungrouping through an example.

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Before we start, I think it will be good to explain to you about the user interface of this software so that you can catch this article easily. If starting from the top, then there is a Menu bar with different menus such as File menu, Edit menu, View menu, and so on where you can find a different option for performing the different tasks in this software. Then, move to the downward direction below this bar; there is a tool panel that is fully customized, which means you can add and remove tools in this panel as per your choice. Below the tool panel, there is a display window in which we can see our work, and at the right side of this window, we have Default Tray in which we have different panels incorporated with several tasks.

I will download this table and chair set model from this online library.

Now you can see all the components of this model are grouped to use it as one component and don’t face any difficulties when placing or selecting it for different purposes.

Now you can select any component according to your choice, such as table or chair, here in this example.

Now I will take the Move tool from the tool panel. You can press the M button of the keyboard for having move tool, and I will choose a plan along which I want to move this table then holding shift key I will move it like that because now it is ungrouped from another component.

You can also scale it up or down, but if you do this with its grouped model, you cannot scale this table separately until you go to Edit Component mode.

Same as the table, you can also move chairs.

Now, if I want to change this chair, you can see it is also a component, and it is connected with another same type of chair because those chairs are copies of this chair. So if you make any changes to this chair, then all other copied chairs will also get affected.

Now you can make changes in this ungrouped chair, and others will not be affected by the changes. So, for example, if I select the sitting base of this chair and take the Push/Pull tool for extruding its surface like this, then you can notice other copied chairs are as it is because we have exploded this chair and unlinked it from others.

You can see even though I have exploded this chair, but some parts are separate components. So there are always numbers of components in a model that are separately made as components.

And if you want, you can explore this tool in the same way as we did in previous steps. You can use explode command many times for an ungrouping part of any object or model.


I think now you got it that there are few simple steps; by going through them, you can use easily ungrouped components from the model or parts or components from a component as per the requirement of different types of purpose. So you will definitely get a lot of help from this to ungroup command during working on different 3D modeling projects in this software.

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