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Trending October 2023 # How To Flip Text On A Path In Illustrator # Suggested November 2023 # Top 19 Popular

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Adobe Illustrator is a great graphic design program to use when you want to create editable vector graphics. A vector graphic can be scaled up without losing any detail, so you can make an illustration, including typography, that will look as good on a billboard as a business card.

Imagine creating a round badge or logo, and you want to type text around a circular path. You might want the text at the bottom of the circle to flip to the opposite side of the path, so it’s easily legible. In this Illustrator tutorial, we’ll teach you how to flip text on a path in Illustrator, so the text isn’t upside down.

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How to Flip Type on a Path in Illustrator

Whether using Adobe Illustrator CC or an earlier version of Illustrator, a path is simply one (or more!) straight or curved lines. A path can be open or closed, depending on whether the endpoints are joined together.

We’ll start with a simple circle design. We’ll create a circular path, and then we’ll use the type tool to type text along that path. Finally, we’ll flip some of the text, so it appears right side up along the bottom of the circle.

Select the Ellipse tool. 

    Hold down the Shift key and draw a circle on the canvas. Holding the Shift key will force the ellipse you create into a perfect circle. Any stroke or fill color will disappear once you add text.

      In the Type Tool flyout menu, choose the Type on a Path Tool. 

        Enter the text you want at the top of the circle. 

          You’ll see three handles (also called alignment brackets) near the text: one to the left, one in the middle, and one on the right. Use these handles to rotate the text around the circle until it’s right where you want it.

            In the Layers panel, turn off the visibility of the bottom layer. 

              Select the Type Tool, select the text on the path, and type the new text—the text you’ll move to the bottom of the circle path.

              Note: For the Align to Path options, choosing Baseline will put the text right on the path. Ascender puts the text on the outside of the circle. Descender will locate the text on the inside of the circle. Lastly, Center will place the text right at the center of the path.

                Next, turn the visibility of the top layer of text back on.

                That’s how you add and flip text on a path in Adobe Illustrator. 

                Insert a Symbol in Your Design

                An easy way to add an extra element or two to a design in Adobe Illustrator is to insert something from the Symbols panel. Follow the steps below to add a symbol to your design. 

                  Use the Symbols Library dropdown arrow to view a list of all the libraries installed on your computer. Select one of them to launch a panel where you can use navigation arrows to page through each Symbols library. 

                    When you find a symbol you want to use, drag and drop it into your design.

                    Use the Selection Tool to resize the symbol to fit your design.

                    And if you’re beginning to use Adobe Indesign, you’ll want to check out our tutorials on how to link text boxes or flow text around an image.

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