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Trending October 2023 # How To Fixnot Found Error On Windows 11 # Suggested November 2023 # Top 11 Popular

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Microsoft released the Windows 11 operating system in October last year and since then the OS has witnessed an impressive adoption rate before hitting a wall recently. A major visual overhaul, Windows 11 was light years ahead of Windows 10 in terms of features as well as design. However, as is the case with every update, Windows 11 is not completely free from bugs. One of the bugs reported by many users is the ‘​​mscoree.dll not found’ error while trying to run a program. If you have also faced the dreaded bug, here are some of the methods to get rid of the issue.

What is the ‘​​Mscoree.dll Not Found’ Error?

It’s quite self-explanatory. The error presents itself when the program you’re trying to run is not able to access or find the chúng tôi filed on the system. It’s a part of the .NET framework and is designed to make various programs run as intended.

In case this particular file is corrupt or damaged, applications that use it will be affected, whereas others will continue to run properly. Here are some of the methods to fix this error without having to reset your computer.

1. Run a Deep Scan

One of the common causes of chúng tôi error is malware or virus in your system. The latest Windows 11 has competent virus protection, it doesn’t hurt to run a full scan. Here’s how you can do it.

2. Type Windows Security in the search bar.

6. On the next page, select Microsoft Defender Antivirus (offline scan).

8. Your computer might restart once to complete the scan.

2. Run an SFC Scan

As mentioned before, if the chúng tôi file is corrupted, your computer will return the file not found error. To resolve this issue, you can also run the SFC scan or System File Checker scan to check and repair the corrupted Windows files. Here’s how you can run the SFC scan. 

1. Press the Windows logo + R keys on your keyboard to initiate the Run box.

2. Type cmd and then press Ctrl+Shift+ Enter to open the command prompt as administrator.

3. Type sfc /scannow and press Enter.

4. The command will then scan the system files and repair the corrupt ones.

5. Wait for the display to show Verification 100% complete.

3. Enable the .NET Framework

As you already know, chúng tôi is part of the .NET Framework on your system. Therefore, re-enabling the framework can help resolve the file not found error. Here’s how you can do it step-by-step.

2. Type Windows Features in the search box.

5. Toggle on each section underneath to select them.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for .NET Framework 4.8 Advanced Services as well.

8. Once installed, you’ll be asked to restart the computer.

4. Reinstall the Program

In most cases, a simple uninstall and reinstall of the application fixes the chúng tôi not found error. Here is how to reinstall a program in Windows 11.

1. Open Start Menu.

5. Type the application name in the search bar on top.

8. Confirm uninstallation when prompted.

5. Use System Restore Point

1. Press the Windows logo + R keys on your keyboard to invoke Run Command.

2. Type Control and hit Enter to open Control Panel.

7. You’ll now see the drives that will roll back from the chosen restore point.

If the issue was caused by a recently installed system upgrade or third-party application, you should not face the issue anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of Mscoree dll?

The chúng tôi determines which version of the .NET Framework’s Common Language Runtime to call. The CLR then compiles the Common Intermediate Language (CIL) in the assembly into an executable machine code to run the program.

How do I fix Mscoree dll error?

You can fix the chúng tôi error in multiple ways listed above. You can perform a system restore, reinstall the application, perform a full malware scan, run an SFC scan, and more. If none of these methods work, a clean reinstall of the Windows 11 is suggested.

Where to place mscoree dll file?

If you have downloaded the chúng tôi file, you can place it in the program install directory of the application. Or you can move it to the directory of your system like C:WindowsSystem32 or C:WindowsSysWOW64.

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