Trending October 2023 # How To Customize Lock Screen In Ipados 17 # Suggested November 2023 # Top 12 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # How To Customize Lock Screen In Ipados 17 # Suggested November 2023 # Top 12 Popular

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iPadOS 17 comes with a number of new features, and everyone’s attention was drawn to the revamped Lock Screen. The Lock Screen on your iPad can now be uniquely customized like never before. And if that’s not enough, you can create multiple Lock Screens, choose from a wide variety of wallpaper options and collections, or even add specific focus modes.

Additionally, similar to what Apple did with the iOS 16 Lock Screen, you can add widgets and alter the font style and font color. Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t. Here’s a complete guide that will help you easily customize your Lock Screen with iPadOS 17.

How to set up new Lock Screen on iPad

    Unlock your screen → Tap and hold an empty area on the Lock Screen. 

      Learn more about adding wallpapers on iPadOS 17 in the following sections.

      Add a Lock Screen wallpaper

      You can pick a new Wallpaper from one of these sections: Featured, Suggested Photos, Weather & Astronomy, Kaleidoscope, Emoji, Unity, Pride, Collections, Color.

      Once you choose a section, you’ll be presented with various options.

      Create Emoji wallpaper for Lock Screen on iPad

      Tap and hold an empty space on Lock Screen.

      Swipe right to left to head to the Add New page → Hit the (+) Add button.

      Now, you can swipe across the screen to choose from these different tones: Dynamic, Grid, Large, Radial, Spiral.

      Additionally, you are also allowed to change the background color of the Lock Screen wallpaper.

      Tap the color circle in the bottom right corner of the screen.

      Choose the color you want for the background.

        Add a plain color as your iPad Lock Screen

        Choose your preferred color and close the window.

        Set a photo as your Lock Screen wallpaper

        Swipe across the screen to view filters. The available filter options are

        The available filter options are as bellow: Natural, Black & White, Duotone, Color Wash.

        Certain images will let you use more than the 4 regular shades. It is dependent on the angle of the image or background noise.

        If you want to use all the filter options, I recommend using a photo taken from a good distance and with minimal background noise.

        Use Photo Shuffle for iPadOS 17 Lock Screen

        The Photo Shuffle feature in iPadOS 17 makes it simpler to change the Lock Screen wallpaper automatically.

        Go to the Add New Wallpaper page → Tap Photo Shuffle.

        Moreover, you can also Choose Photos Manually if you prefer.

        Tap Add → Choose Set as Wallpaper Pair to finish the process.

        How to crop a Lock Screen wallpaper

        Now, pinch in or out on the wallpaper of your choice to adjust.

        Additionally, you can swipe left or right on the screen to change the filter.

        How to switch Lock Screens on iPad

        Press and hold the Lock Screen.

        Swipe across the screen to view the Lock Screens you have created.

        Customize clock in iPad Lock Screen

        Unlock your iPad → Press and hold the Lock Screen → Select Customize.

        Tap the clock widget.

        When you’re done customizing, tap anywhere on the screen → Tap Done.

        Additionally, on the Lock Screen, you can also see live activities such as the song currently playing and more.

        Add widgets to iPadOS 17 Lock Screen

        Unlock your iPad → Press and hold the Lock Screen.

        Select Customize → Choose Lock Screen.

        From the left pane, choose the app you wish to add the widget for.

        Additionally, you can also tap the date widget above the time widget to change it.

        Once done, tap anywhere on the screen.

        Enable Depth Effect in iPadOS 17 Lock Screen

        Depth Effect is a feature on iPadOS 17 Lock Screen that separates the wallpaper into layers and positions the clock accordingly. It is best suited for Photos. However, remember that not all images support Depth Effect on iPad.

        By default, this feature is turned on for Photos, but you can check if it’s enabled by following these steps:

          Go to the Customize screen → Choose Lock Screen.

          Tap the three dots at the bottom right.

          How to set different wallpapers for iPad Lock Screen and Home Screen

          Tap and hold the Lock Screen → Select Customize.

          You have different options to choose from:

          Pair: It uses the same wallpaper for the Lock Screen and Home Screen.

          Color: It uses the most dominant color from an image. You can further customize it by tapping the (+) plus icon and selecting your preferred color.

          Gradient: It gives a common gradient to the image. To customize it further, tap the plus icon and choose the gradient you like.

          Photos: You can choose a photo of your choice for the Home Screen.

          Blur: It blurs the existing wallpaper image.

          How to delete a Lock Screen wallpaper in iPadOS 17

          If you didn’t enjoy the Lock Screen and want to remove it, follow the steps described below.

            Press and hold the Lock Screen.

            Swipe upwards on the wallpaper you wish to remove → Tap the Delete icon.

                By doing this, you will remove both the Lock Screen and the associated Home Screen for the wallpaper.

                Keep the iPad display on for longer

                Although iPadOS 17’s Lock Screen is fantastic, it can be inconvenient when your iPad frequently goes to sleep. So, here’s a solution for you.

                Open the Settings app on your iPad → Tap Display & Brightness.

                Choose the time frame from the options below.

                2 minutes

                5 minutes

                10 minutes

                15 minutes


                Organize notifications on iPad

                Open the Settings app on your iPad.

                Go to the Notifications section.

                Choose how you want your notifications to appear on the Lock Screen by selecting one of the below-mentioned.



                That’s it!

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