Trending September 2023 # How To Create Minitab Boxplot With Examples? # Suggested October 2023 # Top 11 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # How To Create Minitab Boxplot With Examples? # Suggested October 2023 # Top 11 Popular

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Definition of Minitab boxplot

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What is a boxplot?

A boxplot is a graphic that displays a five-number report and helps to show descriptive data. It allows us to investigate the distributional properties of a set of scores and their level. The important focus of the chart (the “box”) depicts the interquartile range, which is the middle section of the data. The first quartile (the 25% mark) and the third quartile are located at the container’s ends (the 75 percent mark). The minimum (the least number in the set) is at the left of the chart, while the max is at the extreme right. Lastly, the mean is represented by a vertical bar in the middle of the box. Any data value below the lower bound is referred to as a lower-side outlier, while any data value over the upper bound is referred to as a higher-side outlier.

How to Create Minitab boxplot?

Box plots are often used to display overall response characteristics for a group. They’re an excellent approach to seeing the range and other features of a vast firm’s responses. For data processing, Minitab will be used. On the right side of the vertebral column, numerical data is associated. Minitab will treat figures separated by commas as text rather than numbers. The data for the sample should be chosen at random. For example, random samples are used in statistics to make generalizations or assumptions about a population. The answers may not reflect the population if the data was not obtained randomly.


Creating a data set:                                                                            

The box inside a boxplot moves out from the lower quartile (Q 1) to the top quartile (Q 2). (Q2). The median is represented by the lines inside the box (Q). The lower whisker travels from the bottom quartile (Q1) to the lowest quartile (Q2), which is not an outlier, and the higher whisker travels from the highest quartile (Q2) to the highest quartile (Q3), which is not an outlier. On the boxplot, potential outliers are denoted by a *. Measured variables that are 1.5/QR just below the lower quartile or 1.5/QR above the upper quartile, where IR stands for interquartile range, are considered outliers.

If the data only has one factor, choose Only Yrightarrow (for example, the fruit color in a market).

Rightarrow a large number of Y’s. If there are several parameters, it’s simple (for example, the fruit’s color and size in a market).

If any type variable classifies only a single variable, select Only Y right arrow with Groups (for instance, if a fruit groups colour).

If categorical variables group several variables, use Many Y’s right arrows with Group (for example, the colour of fruit in a market organized by nation and fruits category). Then press the OK button.


If our data collection contains outliers, the box and whiskers graphic may not reflect the minimum or maximum value. Instead, one and a half times the interquartile range (1.5*IR) is represented at the ends of the whiskers.

Minitab boxplot Example

Different examples are mentioned below:

Example #1


Consider the following sample of 15 guys’ ages in centimeters in a class:


In Minitab, enter the following data in the first column:





Since both whiskers are around the same length and the middle line is placed in the center of the box, the age range is nearly symmetrical without any outliers.

Example #2

Consider Statistical Data for an example to calculate the values:

Team1 20 30 35 40 45 50

52 54 55 60 62 70

Team2 21 31 34 42 46 56

61 80 82 83 84 85


Pick both C1 and C2 from the left-hand box in the box below “Graph variables:”




The final result is shown here:


Therefore we have provided the working of Boxplot in Minitab with different scenarios. The boxplot interpretation is shown in the screenshots.

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